2021 Insurance Industry NRL Tipping Competition
Competition Rules


Points for Correctly Tipped win : 1

Draws are not allowed to be tipped.
A draw is treated as a win for everybody.


Tipping is closed on a Round by Round basis.

Default Tips For Non Tippers : Lowest Score in Round

Default Tips For Late Entrants (for the rounds they missed) : Average Score in Round


This competition is free to enter.


In the event of a tie for any prize, a "count-back" system will be applied.
The tipper with more higher scoring rounds will be ranked higher. See the FAQ for more details

1.  The Promoter.  The promoter of 2021 Insurance Industry NRL Tipping Competition is Sports Underwriting Australia Pty Ltd of 46 Kilby Road, Kew East, Vic, 3102.  The administrator of the promotion will be Footy Tipping Software Pty Ltd of 10A Orrong Road Elsternwick 3185.

2.  Who Can Enter.  Entry to the 2021 Insurance Industry NRL Tipping Competition is open to Insurance Broking Staff, Insurance Underwriting Staff and others working in the insurance industry who are deemed acceptable upon referral to the promoter. Entrants must also be employed in the industry continuously between 2nd March 2021 and the final NRL game of the 2021 season being the competition start and finish dates.  Any entrants who do not fit this criterion are ineligible to win any prize/s and will also be removed at the administrators discretion, with no correspondence entered into.

3.  Who Cannot Enter.  Directors and immediate family of the promoter are not eligible to enter the competition and are not eligible to win any of the prizes. Staff of Sports Underwriting Australia Pty Ltd can enter but are not eligible to win any prizes.

4.  Entry is Free.  There are no entry fees to register or play the 2021 Insurance Industry NRL Tipping Competition.  Maximum value of prizes to be awarded is $5,000.00 over both the AFL and NRL competitions being promoted by Sports Underwriting Australia Pty Ltd. Maximum value of prizes awarded to residents of any one state or territory is $5000.00.

5.  Receipt of Promotional Material.  Upon registration, participants agree to receive promotional & marketing material from the promoter.

6.  Competition Start and Finish Dates.  The promotion commences on 2nd March 2021 and concludes upon the completion of the final game of the NRL Season and applies to the 2021 NRL season only.

7.  Entering After the Official Start Date.  Participants who register after 2nd of March 2021, the beginning of the 2021 NRL Season, will be awarded the Average Score of the Round, for each missed round.

8.  Discretion of the Promoter.  The promoter reserves the right to accept or reject any registrations at its discretion.

9.  Communication during the Competition.  All communication between the promoter and the participant must be via the promoter's website and electronic mail. Registration forms or weekly tips sent to the promoter via means other than through the website are void.

10.  Administration of the Competition.  The promoter will email the results for each round to each participant and email reminder messages to the participant to lodge tips before cut off times.  The Administrator will not be held responsible for any emails that do not make it through to any entrant.

11.  Points Allocations.  Participants will be awarded 1 point for each correctly tipped home win and 1 point for each correctly tipped away win. Participants cannot select a draw as a possible outcome. In the event a draw does occur, participants will be awarded 1 point for that game regardless of which team they selected or were allocated by the competition's default tips.

12.  Weekly Cut Off Times and Procedures Should You Forget to Enter Your Tips.  Tips may be lodged up until 30 minutes before the start of the first game of the round, after which registered entrants will receive the Lowest Score for that round. Tips entered before the deadline may be amended provided the changes are completed prior to cut-off.

13.  Overall Divisional Winners.  A prize for 1st place will be awarded to the participants who correctly pick the most winning teams for the 2021 NRL season for the following divisions:

Division 1 - Victoria/Tasmania
Division 2 - New South Wales
Division 3 - Queensland/Northern Territory
Division 4 - South Australia
Division 5 - Western Australia

14. Overall Winner's. A prize for 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place, 4th place and 5th place will be awarded to the overall winner's who correctly pick the most winning teams for the 2021 NRL season.

15.  Determining the Winners.  In the event of there being more than one person with equal scores in any prize category, the final winner will be determined by a count back system.  The count back system will be based on the tipper with the highest number of 8, 7, 6, etc tips for each week of the 2021 NRL Home and Away Season.  If after the count back, a final winner cannot be determined in each prize category, the tipper who registered on the earliest date and time will be determined the winner.

16.  Date, Place and Time of Determining the Winner.  The winners at the end of the season will be determined at 10 am on the Monday immediately following completion of the competition at the offices of Footy Tipping Software Pty Ltd at 10A Orrong Road Elsternwick 3185.

17.  Dispute Resolution.  In the event of a dispute, the decision of the promoter is final. No responsibility is taken for lost, or misdirected registrations and weekly tips.

18.  Amendment of Rules.  The promoter reserves the right to amend the rules of the competition from time to time as considered necessary. Individual notice of such changes shall not be given but such changes will be recorded on the promoter's website.

19.  Disclaimer.  The promoter takes no responsibility for unauthorised access to any participant's tipping by any means, including where passwords have been revealed to third parties.

20.  Enter Only Once.  Participants may not enter more than one registration. The promoter reserves the right to determine that a person has made more than one registration, and to disqualify any such person from the competition, or to delete entries so that only one entry remains.

21.  Promoter’s Decision is Final.  The promoter’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into in relation to the competition.

22.  Due to ACT Gambling and Racing Commission conditions, residents of the A.C.T. are ineligible to enter the competition.