CLS AFL Tipping Competition
Competition Rules


Points awarded for a Correctly Tipped win : 1

Participants cannot select a draw as a possible outcome.
A draw is treated as a loss for all participants regardless of which team they selected or were allocated by the competition's default tips.


Tipping is closed on a Game by Game basis 10 minutes before each game.

Default Tips For Non Tippers : Away Teams.
Default Tips For Late Entrants (for the rounds they missed) : Score of 0 for the whole round.


Knockout Competition Name : CLS AFL Tipping Competition KO Round (1- )
Knockout Entry Fee : $0.00
Each Week Pick : One Winner

Weeks that must pass before picking the same team to win is allowed : 4
Weeks that must pass before picking against the same losing team is allowed : 4

Example: Say Melbourne and Hawthorn are playing and you pick Hawthorn in the Knockout, then you cannot pick Hawthorn again for 4 rounds and you cannot pick the team playing against Melbourne for another 4 rounds. You will find that these teams will not be available in the popup menu.


This competition is free to enter.


In the event of a tie for any prize, the entrant with the lowest accumulated margin difference will be the winner.
Each round the variance of each entrant's margin prediction from the actual margin will be calculated. The accumulated total of this variance will be used in the tie-breaker calculation.